Hansen Henley Yoder & Lamb Services

Hansen Henley Yoder and Lamb provides campaign planning expertise and consultation throughout your campaign whether it be capital, endowment or annual funding.  We also provide analytics, bench marking and metrics to ensure the best return on your investment.

“Thank you for the timely completion of the Feasibility Study Report and for all your work on this project.  We appreciate the thorough and professional job and finished product for our consideration. It is clear you really listened to all our stakeholders in coming up with your findings and recommendation, which is greatly appreciated.”    – Mark Parsons, Vice Chancellor University of Wisconsin – Stout,  Executive Director, Stout University Foundation

Pre Campaign


Feasibility Studies

  • HHYL helps to prepare a case briefing to share with study prospects in advance of the interviews
  • Works to ensure the letter of invitation sent from you and your board Chair is enticing to the feasibility study invitees
  • Helps you identify your best feasibility study candidates
  • Works with you to set appointments for study interviews
  • Prepares questions that will provide relevant information about your campaign
  • Conducts one-on-one, face-to-face interviews and act as an advocate for your campaign
  • Provides our expertise in fundraising and development to analyze interview results
  • Develops written study including analysis of results, relevant comments, initial plans, gift range table and timeline
  • Provides on-site presentation of study results and information on interpretation.


Campaign Counsel
Case for Support Development

HHYL helps you to develop a compelling Case for Support, in an appealing format with photos and visuals that help tell your story and communicate the goals of the campaign, the impact of the project and the timeline for its completion.


Project Plan and Budget Development

We review your project plans and budgets to ensure the specific information needed by your prospective donors is included.


Campaign Planning (structure and process)

We work with you and your volunteer leadership to develop a written plan that details and segments prospect groups, determines campaign committee structure, and the goals and timeline for each phase of the campaign.


Leadership Recruitment

We develop Chair, Co-Chair, and Committee member job descriptions to ensure clearly defined roles and responsibilities.  And, we provide assistance in recruiting the right volunteers for the leadership needed to launch and conduct your campaign.


Define Campaign Staffing Needs

We help determine who and how record keeping and reporting, meeting arrangements, prospect research, proposal writing, gift tracking and reporting, gift acknowledgement and donor recognition will be handled. 


Motivation and Education of Volunteers

We engage your volunteers in the review and approval of campaign plans and timing for campaign phases.  We provide solicitation training to familiarize volunteers with the Case for Support and the tools and language necessary for successful solicitations.


Materials Development

We assist you in developing pledge vehicles, proposals, solicitation sample letters, folders and additional campaign materials that are developed for use by volunteers.


Prospect Research

We provide research on all lead gift phase prospects including primary research (address/contact information) and secondary research (past giving history, capacity for giving, philanthropic interests, etc.)


Lead Gift Phase Identification, Rating and Assignment of Prospects 

We guide your campaign cabinet through prospect identification, rating and strategies.


Prospect Cultivation Activities

We help you develop effective prospect cultivation activities, plans and timeline


Campaign Committee Support

As additional campaign committees come online, we provide plans and support for each phase of the campaign


Campaign Analysis Post Campaign

We provide a written evaluation of the campaign including activities and analysis of success and identification of challenges for reference in future campaigns.


Annual Fund Assessment and Development

At Hansen Henley Yoder & Lamb we work with you to assess the progress of your Annual Fund and provide plans to strengthen and increase annual revenue.  Plans include benchmarks and metrics and incorporate latest technologies and outreach methodologies including social media.


Development Staff Recruitment Services

We craft compelling and clear job description(s).  Place announcement, review resumes, determine interview process and questions, set interview appointment with selected candidates, participate in interviews and help to identify the final candidate.


Planned Giving Program Development and Support

We assess your opportunities and resources for launching a Planned Giving Program. 

Develop a step-by-step Planned Giving Program plan based on initial assessment and develop training sessions for staff and board.  We help develop key messages to target your prospective donors.  We review and refine your case for support and assist with implementing a planned giving program by providing ongoing guidance to your board and staff.