Principles and Values that Guide Our Firm and Our Relationships
For Our Clients:

We believe philanthropy is a critical factor in creating a healthy society

We believe non-profits play a significant role in creating a healthy society and affecting change

We strive to help our clients build a philanthropic culture of lasting relationships and life-long giving

We strive to help non-profits strengthen the community and affect positive change in the world

We strive to utilize the best talent and best practices in our work including the latest advances in philanthropy and fundraising

We believe in and strive to utilize innovative approaches reflecting the unique character of our clients

We believe a successful consulting business utilizing proven senior-level professionals adds value to the public, private and non-profit sectors

We believe a donor-centric approach to fundraising is essential for the success of our clients


For Our Firm:

We strive to conduct ourselves with the highest ethical and moral standards and choose to work with organizations who share these values

We strive to listen to our clients and to create long term relationships with them

We believe in the strength of diversity and respecting all people

We strive for transparency in our work

We strive to have fun in our work with each other and our clients